Application process

  1. Download the “Idea Application Template” below and fill in as explained in the file.
  2. Explain how this idea has improved your team’s culture. (Hint: You can write this in a separate docs file)
  3. Add some more materials about the project such as screenshots, videos, written feedback from team members or more research about the idea. (It requires at least one proof of implementation)
  4. Collect everything on a cloud platform and share below the link to this folder. (Hint: You can use cloud platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  5. Don’t forget to give permission to edit when you share your folder otherwise we will not be able to download and spread your ideas with the community.
  6. The approval process takes between 7-10 days and all applications go through a team discussion. (Bear in mind that not all applications are approved because we care about the quality of the projects.)
  7. You can apply as many ideas as you want. (When submitting your ideas, think about the quality not the quantity.)

Idea Application Template

Idea application