Rethinking K-12 Education: Defining a New Model

Education is stuck in the industrial age. Here is how it can catch up with our fast-moving world.

The education industry is poised to undergo profound change. Here is how the landscape will evolve and what should be done to ensure it is sustainable.

Over the past 25 years, the world has changed faster and with more complexity than ever before. The most significant driving force is the advent of the Internet and the rapid advancement of technology as part of the digital age. Such a radical global transformation has demanded people learn new theories and knowledge that simply did not exist two decades ago, new skills that are of more prominence in our daily lives, and new technological competencies that will enable further advancement.

Credits to :

Fouad Roukoz and Joel Nicholson / Consultants of A.T. Kearney

Read the paper: Rethinking K-12 Education:Defining a new model (PDF)

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