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MOXXX Education is a unique and highly engaging way to build a psychological safety environment in remote teams in order to accelerate team performance. The content of is focused on consistent, observable patterns of behaviour in organizations to build team psychological safety and boost team performance. Each project is designed to keep you interested, involved, and bring you higher results.


The project was inspired by Google researchers who studied the secrets of effective teams at Google. They’ve launched Project Aristotle – a tribute to Aristotle’s quote, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (as the Google researchers believed employees can do more working together than alone) and their goal was to answer the question: “What makes a team effective at Google?”



MOXXX Educations is an open educational place for remote team leaders. Open source projects are built collaboratively. Open source contributors (team leaders) work together publicly. Working publicly creates a fun collaborative community around a project. It allows anyone to make innovative changes that reach many people.


Join our community of innovative leaders around the world where we discuss the secrets of effective teams.

Facebook group: ‘The secrets of effective teams’


1. Small steps – start with the easiest project for execution which doesn’t require scheduling a conference meeting or leaving your daily tasks – New Theia

2. Active listening –  after finishing the activity, it is crucial to get feedback from your team and understand how this makes them feel and if they want to have more projects like this one. 

3. Behaviour observation –  if you see any difference in your people’s behavior, if they are more open and feeling a bit more confident in their actions, then your goal is accomplished!

4. Feedback – Go back to MOXXX Education and leave feedback about your team’s experience and the results you get. Use another project or create your own, share it with the community and get paid.

5. Be prepared and set realistic goals – building trust is a very difficult task, and doing this remotely is even harder. It takes A LOT of time to make someone feel secure and comfortable, so start with Small steps!

6. Examples of an introductory copy and feedback form.  


Build trust and strong relationships in the digital generation.


For collaboration, please email us at: [email protected] or message us on Twitter:  @EducationMoxxx